Monday, January 16, 2012

I don't like cats

         When I was growing up we always had cats and dogs.  My mom loved cats more than dogs and as the kids moved out she added more cats to replace them I guess.  She got carried away in my opinion so much so, that present day I don't think anyone would argue she can officially be called a cat lady.  I don't remember how many she has, but around a dozen of every color, size, and temperament.   They have taken over her house and the last time I visited I was afraid to go to sleep at night for fear that they might somehow know intuitively that I liked dogs more than them and scratch me in the middle of the night. I love dogs and sorry, I just don't like cats.

         I don't even know how or why we got talked into it, but after my wife and I got married, we ended up getting cats too, even though Lesley is allergic to them.  Even after we adopted a criminally insane cat named Titus (after the Roman general) that terrorized the neighborhood and sent kids screaming at the sight of him.  Titus was pathological and patient waiting underneath my daughter Jill's bed everyday so that as soon as she put her foot down he buried his fangs and claws into her until Lesley or I peeled him off (wearing gloves).  We had other cats who would pee on the stove or what we called "hick" on the carpet their regurgitated food because they had gorged themselves so much and yet, we would always get a new one, after the defective cat was given away.
         From the smell of the cat box, to the cost of litter and food and the hair all over the furniture, I saw no benefit, no pros, only cons. I could never understand why my whole family fought so hard to keep the cats when I suggested we get rid of them (everyday).  After Sydney our last cat barfed three days in a row and Lesley was finally tired of cleaning up after her, she said the words I had been waiting to hear for several years.  " When I get home after these next two days out of town, it won't break my heart if Sydney is not here when I get back".   The funny thing is, that none of the kids who fought so  vehemently so save her even noticed she was gone for several days.  My house smells good again.  I don't have to worry about sitting down and getting hair all over me.  We save money on food, litter, carpet cleaner, and lint rollers too. 

Cats are a lot like demons ( Lol, my blog, I can say it) we put up with them when we don't have to.  We allow them to terrorize us, rob us of our resources, time and energy.  We serve them and clean up after them when we have authority over them.  Eventually when we come to our senses, we cast them out, with their nasty behavior and habits.  We have been cat free for a couple months now, the freedom is exhilerating. 


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