Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"This Rolex just screams success"

 was shocked and offended when the Christian businessman who was trying to motivate me said it.  "This Rolex just screams success" The ironic thing was that the Rolex was the prize in a sales contest that would be awarded to the person who helped raise the most money for poor business men and farmers in third world countries.  I couldn't argue or teach or rebuke him...I was too sad.  I was sad that he was using the world's value system and a  symbol of excess and self-indulgence to try and motivate people who called themselves believers. I hoped that all that were listening were as offended as I was by the promotion of an $8000 watch as something that I would ever want to wear to define me or scream out to the world that I was successful.   My mind pictured a poor village having bags of rice and beans delivered to them by men with Rolex watches and the hypocrisy of it made me ashamed.

God's Spirit percolated this experience in my mind until I came to grips with what  true success really is.  If success is not a Rolex, then what is it?  Everyone has a valid need and desire, even longing to be successful, but many of us are still motivated by what our humanistic culture defines as success, including recognition and admiration of people, being a man or woman of influence and of course having lots of money and/or things.

Many will be shocked when they are called to account and realize that God's definition of success has very little to do with our outward achievements or the size of our ministry impact.  It will all boil down to what a well known prophet was asked during a heavenly encounter,  " did you learn how to love"?  According to God we can become great and successful if we focus on the development of the hidden things- ( where your heart is there will be your treasure).  To be succesful in the sight of  God ( not successful in the sight of  man) is to care more about our heart responses than our natural giftings or resources and numbers.  

My definition of success is in hearing Jesus say- ( matt. 25) "well done good and faithful servant" because I heard his voice, I did his will and completed the assignment he gave me with a heart of love , regardless of how big or small it was.  If I am faithful over the few little things in this age it will result in ruling over many things in the age to come ( millennial kingdom and eternity).

1.  Good- speaks to the heart motives and intentions we have for what we do.  To love God and people
2. Faithful- with a big application of divine grace he views our consistency, integrity, preparation, development and follow through.
3. Servant- our willingness to give up our personal agendas honor and comfort, walking in humility