Friday, February 11, 2011

Already in heaven, but still on earth.

The picture of the tabernacle is rich with revelation of who we are in Christ.  It consisted of 3 sections:  the outer court, the holy place and the holy of holies. No one entered the holy of  holies except the high priest who did only once a year to make an offering for the sin of the people.  Most of us know and understand that Christ is our high priest who tore down the veil between the Holy place and the Holy of Holies so that we have access to him and the holy place once and for all through his blood.  
The life that we are called to live is as a citizen of heaven and heaven's ambassador on this earth at the same time. ( rooms 2 and 3)  We have been given a lamp, the light and life of Christ to navigate between the two realms. The light of heaven/shekinah glory that was the only source of light in the holy of holies now illuminates the other rooms since the veil has been ripped away.  At all times we have unbroken access to the spiritual realm.  Our union with Christ in those realms which are in Christ (eph. 2:6)  are not based on our feelings or emotions or how well we understand the scriptures or some deep mystery, but because and only because of Christ's blood.  We are in mystical union with him right now here on this earth and forever.  We were joined to him in his death and resurrection in a very real, tangible spiritual way.(Rom 6)  While we are here on this earth we are called to reflect the light of the Holy of Holies into the middle room and even the outer court.
The shekinah glory of God that shone in the holy of holies, shines on us and through us, we are still lampstands or vessels of that oil shining in the middle room.  The lampstand in the middle room shone upon the table of shewbread symbolic of the fact the church ( who is the lampstand) is to always to point to the bread of life, Jesus Christ.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Year of oneness

I Recently went to a conference in Pasadena and heard a comprehensive prophetic message from several well known leaders.  One of the threads the H.S. is speaking about  is transition to Oneness in 2011.  A couple things really stood out to me in the life of King David that I feel are worth sharing. 

David was anointed and called to be king over Israel many years before he actually took posession of the throne.  (  There are promises we have been given years ago that have not yet come to pass). The enemy continuously challenged the call from within and without. On his journey to the throne after the bear and Lion ( small victories) when David was ready to challenge Goliath, even his own brothers rejected him and challenged his heart and motives.  The enemy was trying to eliminate the support structure David would need during his reign early on.  Through a Spirit of hurt and rejection the strategy was to fragment, separate and scatter people, relationships, support structure.  David may have had a right to alienate or even punish his brothers as king, but instead he kept the lines of communication open and God sovereignly healed those relationships so that David's brothers were the ones who came to him when he was in the cave hiding from Saul.  ( I sam. 22, 2 sam. 1:8)
2 sam. 3: 1 says that there was long war between the house of Saul and David and that David grew Stronger and stronger and Saul grew weaker and weaker.  All of the fragmented relationships, the judgments, man made separations etc.  need to be healed and grow toward oneness before the glory is released in you, before David is crowned king.  God crowns and anoints unity and oneness.  I believe on all levels there will be restoration to oneness:  individuals one with their God, families one, local, regional, national and international body's of believers one by the Spirit of God, ( not ecumenical or theological agreement) before God can reveal Christ in his anointed ones.   (matt. 12:9)