Saturday, December 18, 2010

Being still- key to intimacy

All believers that want to enter into a more intimate place with God in their relationship find that there are two major obstacles continually holding them back:  Distraction from without and distraction from within.  Both are enemies of intimacy because they are voices external and internal that call to us so loud that we cannot hear the still small voice of God.  Stillness is not the the goal, but the means to the goal of knowing God's heart and the way he gently moves and prompts. In becoming still we are not trying to do anything, but be in touch with God through Holy Spirit at a moment in time without forcing it or being in a hurry and without an agenda.  Most of us have made several attempts to have a "quiet time" only to be overcome with the distractions either outside or inside and so in effect we become discouraged and give up and try to serve the Lord in our busyness.  If we are serious about being intimate with the Lord we will have to overcome the distractions.  Even if we are able to get away from television, telephone calls, computers and children and minimize the external distractions, the chaos in our minds and discomfort and confusion of solitude make us eager to get busy again. The outer noise is used as a shield sometimes to keep out the confrontations we go through internally.  Like anything, the good habits of stillness and solitude can only be built by continued practice.  If we take care of setting aside the time and getting away from the external distractions, then half the battle is won and here are some thoughts on eliminating the internal distractions:

1.  When the "list" of unfinished tasks comes into your mind, write them down.
2. When the enemy reminds you of your sinfulness or unworthiness, confess and put on Christ's robe of righteousness.
3. When your mind is flitting all over, focus on a vision in your mind of Jesus with you
4. Spend time with him when your mind is still because of engagement in automatic activities like driving, bathing, exercising etc.
5. When not "feeling" anything, begin to sing and listen to the spontaneousness of your heart.

*Waiting on God is never a waste of time, more is accomplished in our stillness than all of our best efforts combined.  What is important is not where you are, but the fact that you are moving forward into greater intimacy.  2 Cor. 10:4-5 says that we can  take our thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ.  Through patience, persistence and discipline on our part and the power of the Holy Spirit, over time we are able to break up the foundations of how our mind operates and re-establish and rebuild the process and new thought patterns. This is what Paul had in mind when he talked about being transformed by the renewing of our mind in Romans 12:1-2. Also in Phillipians where we are encouraged to put on the mind of Christ, as we are in him, we begin to see and think the way he does.

Our goal in all of this is nothing less than intimate communion with the father and the son.  (summarized from writings of James Goll- practicing his presence)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Validating the message; healing.

At some point in our lives we will all deal with severe sickness and/or death either personally or in a friend or loved one to such a degree that if we are believers, we will have to process the concepts of God's goodness and his ability and will to heal into a personal and experiential theology. I very clearly remember when I heard that my friend Tim had liver cancer to such a degree that he did not have long to live. I had not seen Tim for a couple of years because we had moved away, but when we lived near by him and his family we were very close. My wife and I went to see him on the first Saturday after we found out. We knew after we saw him he would not make it through the night. This was the first time for me that I actually had someone die in my presence, literally in my arms and although I was happy that we were there for his wife and son, somehow it was not enough. I knew that his family had been robbed, the body of Christ had been robbed and we were all seemingly helpless to do anything about it and I was beyond sad, I was mad.

At the funeral, a mutual friend of ours came up and said to me " it just doesn't seem right does it"? To me it wasn't right, and although well meaning people said the Lord wanted to take Tim home and that it must have been God's will and timing, it seemed inconsistent with the nature of God to me that he had anything to do with Tim's death. Why would God give this family a miracle son in their late forties and then take the boy's father away? The truth of the matter was that it was the Devil who came to steal, kill and destroy and the Devil was responsible. Jesus came so that we would have abundant life, not liver cancer. Because God is so amazing and benevolent he is able to work all things for good and even in that tragic situation he was gracious and his peace and comfort was available, even though it was not his will and he was not responsible for Tim's death.
So the next year and a half of my life, I immersed myself in study, prayer, missions, conferences, reading, healing rooms and anything that would give me experience and shine the light on why healing does and does not happen. The following principles/truths are what I have come to believe and put action to, and although subject to change I feel confident about sharing them. I have at least in good conscience wrestled with what I believe the word of God and Holy Spirit say about healing. I endeavor to follow through and walk in the truth of God's revelation until my experience lines up, not the opposite. I will not let my experience or failure cause me to change my understanding of God's heart or nature and thereby change my profession of faith and actions.

*Some of these statements will expose religious traditions as incorrect and invalid and that is on purpose and by design.

1. First and foremost it is always God's will to heal and deliver someone. He has revealed himself as healer. It is his nature, it is who he is. In Exodus when Moses was leading the children of Israel out of Egypt it was the very first of the seven redemptive ways he revealed himself. " I am the Lord that heals you" Exodus 15,ps. 103:1-8
2. Jesus used healing to validate his message, and we are arrogant to think people will listen to the message of salvation without the same validation. We have changed his message if we are not about healing and deliverance. Our gospel message is just another philosophy if it does not include supernatural healing, I cor. 4:20
3. No one understands everything about healing, but it is revealed more to those who pursue it and practice it

4. Although there are gifts of healings, a special anointing is unnecessary. There is no need for a healing impartation. Jesus has already given his disciples all authority. Obedience to the word of God through faith is all that is necessary and it is considered basic Christianity according to the word of God to heal the sick, cast out demons and raise the dead. Luke 10:1-12
5. Jesus said speak to the mountain, not to God about the mountain. He has given us authority in his name to speak to the Spirit or sickness directly and make it go.
6. God has already done everything he is going to do - in other words healing has been accounted for in the atonement. By his stripes you have been healed. (past tense)- It is up to the believers to walk in faith to make the healing manifest.
7. Faith increases as we walk in our authority and increase our experience to pray for healing.
8. All believers have the ministry of reconciliation - 2Cor 5:17-21. we have been given the authority to reconcile people unto God via Salvation, healing and deliverance.
9. The Bible says 5 times that he (Jesus) healed them all. Not all who deserved it or all who had faith.
10. In ministering healing, We are proclaiming what is already done, get out of the time limit. In a sense, he does not heal one by one, it is already done on the cross and we are just releasing it.
11. Begging God to heal people makes it seem like we are more loving and compassionate than he is, when in fact he wants them healed and delivered much more than we do. That is why he gave us the authority to do it.

12. God's will is done whenever we do it. The provision for healing has been made and the responsibility given to the body of Christ.
13. When healing ceases to become an event, but a lifestyle then it begins to flow.
14. The church says get sin out and you can be healed. Jesus says be healed first then don't sin. Healing is a sign to the unbeliever.
15. We don't need faith for healing, but once we have faith to receive Christ, we get the healing (and salvation, and deliverance) that comes in Christ.
16. Isaiah 53 "we are healed"- 1 Peter 2:24 we were healed- what happened in between was the cross.
17. Healing deliverance and salvation are really one and the same in the eyes of Jesus. Matthew 9: 1-8, Jesus heals a paralytic by telling him "your sins are forgiven".
18. Jesus has committed to (all) his disciples the ministry of healing, not just the twelve. Luke 9,10- Matthew 28 - john 14:12, john 20:21
19. God is never trying to teach someone a lesson or humility through sickness and disease. Jesus never said that and we should not say that. To believe that is to really misunderstand the heart and nature of God.
20. "Believers will lay hands on the sick and they shall recover". It is His reputation on the line not ours. The only thing stopping the healing God has for mankind is the people he has commissioned to do it.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Angelic intercession

The more I grow in my faith, the more I realize the importance of prayer and how operating in that realm is really where any battle is won.  I am an intercessor and I pray for my church and pastors and leaders regularly as well as the city and region and nation and the nations that God has put on my heart. I pray healing for people every week in church and in healing rooms as well.  As an intercessor, I stand in the gap of what is missing in someone else's ability or understanding of what is needed or what they lack.  I am a go between, an intermediary, taking a middle position.  An intercessor intervenes in a situation with the intention of reconciling two parties who don't see eye to eye. A prophetic intercessor reminds God of his promises and brings before him issues of injustice.  Jesus Christ is the perfect example of an intercessor, his life is a continual intercession bridging the gap for us (Heb. 7).  All believers are called to be intercessors, some to more of a degree than others, but I believe more people would take on the high calling of intercession if they really understood the Spiritual dimension of that ministry.  There are some kingdom principles of angelic partnership in accomplishing the intercession that when understood takes the pressure,spotlight and weight of responsibility off of us to pray, but instead make it a joy and privilege.   In the battle for souls, healing and advancing the kingdom, Angels are the airforce and we are the ground troops or the army.  For too long we have not communicated and strategized with the host of heaven in our intercession and if we did, I contend we would see more results. 
Angels usher in the presence of God and his glory, sometimes we are aware of it and many times we aren't.  They are the connectors of heaven and earth with assignments from the father that are based on our prayers.  That is why the heavens remained open after Jesus' baptism and why Jesus told Nathaniel in John chapter 1 that he would see angels ascending and descending on the Son of man.  Angels pronounce God's will, whether that is in a visual manifestation to Mary or dropping the thought into our minds during our prayer time or giving us knowledge and wisdom in our dreams or even visions.  In more ways than we think it is really God putting on our hearts his will and giving us direction in prayer through the agency of his angels who are our partners in advancing the kingdom of heaven.

Not only are the angels involved in bringing us into the presence of God and revealing his will, but they are involved in our praise and worship.  They come from the throne room where worship is continual and they  help us develop and enhance our ministry of worship to the Lord and understanding of his heart so that we can intercede properly.  Then in response to our worship and declaring of God's will which is because of the ministry of angels, God  sends more angels in response to our prayers.  They bring the answers and the provision and come to do the warfare in the heavenly realm.  The angels bring healing, deliverance, protection and strength to God's people.  They reap and gather for him.  I doubt most people could differentiate between the Holy  Spirit answering a prayer directly and the response coming from an angel on mission from the heavens.  Whenever I pray for anyone for anything it is always with  the understanding that there are angels waiting for assignment to fulfill the will of God in response to my prayer and I boldly ask for God to send his angels.  Even  now as you are reading this I pray that a Spirit (angel) of revelation would reveal this truth to you in such  a way that it would increase your faith and the boldness and effectiveness of your prayers.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Seeing yourself in the book

I love the story of the boy king Josiah in 2 Kings 22-23 and how he was zealous for the Lord God.  If you remember, the priest Hilkiah  found the Book of the law in the temple when they were doing renovations.  They had been going on as a society without the word of God for quite some time, but when they found the book and Josiah read it and had it read for all the people, the most incredible thing happened.  He saw a prophecy that called him out by name, revealing his identity and mission even though it was written 300 years earlier in 1 Kings 13.  He saw himself in the book, his identity was revealed, and because of that he could turn away from idolatry and sin and lead his people in the worship of God.  I am starting to see myself in the book.  Are you starting to see yourself in the book?  Do you realize that your destiny and identity is known by God, and he is waiting for you to find the book and find yourself in the book.  You are a priest and king who has been called to cut down the high places and lead others into a relationship with the true God.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So far in Nicaragua......

I am so blessed to be in this country with my wife Lesley to share and receive from the kingdom.  It is difficult to explain a change in Spiritual climate unless the other person has experienced it also, but I sense and know in my Spirit that angels preceeded us and it was the first thing Pastor Jairo said to me when we got off the plane. God is always able to speak to us more clearly and lead us into blessing and the territory he has for us (Gen. 12 vv. 1-3) when we move out of our comfort zone and culture.  The kingdom is very active in this country and Nicaragua has a unique destiny to spread the kingdom message throughout Central America and in fact that is what is happening.  It is unprecedented.  Picture Central America as the connector between North and South America and note that Nicaragua is the poorest nation within Central America, but Spiritually the most vital and thriving.  It is the Bethlehem of Latin America that Christ is being birthed out of. So we love it here, we love the presence of God and the passion of his people to worship here.  Here are a few things that have happened in the first 24 hours.

_ Arrived to Managua and picked up at the airport by Pastor Jairo - a young prophetic worship pastor from the city of Dario with a gift of healing.  He was accompanied by Pastor Orlando who has a church in Managua.  Orlando came out of the mafia and recieved Christ and ministers the kingdom with fruit as powerful as seeing people raised from the dead.
_ We purchased supplies in Managua and drove to Dario where my wife Lesley put on a seminar for the leadership of king of kings supernatural ministiry school.  They used watercolors to illustrate how they perceived creation and also received Gods heart for the person on their left and demonstrated with colors.
_ As we were setting up 2 young men who had backslidden just walked into the church and asked if they could be received by God even though they had backslidden and were involved in drugs and alcohol.  Pastor Harry and I prayed salvation and repentance with them and spoke powerfully into their life.  There were many tears and deep repentance took place and then they did prophetic art with the leadership class.  Come on!
_ We went to the Texaco station to eat some food and ministered to a young man with polio and an old man who were begging outside.  We prayed healing and destiny and Hector the young man who many had just walked by that day was so taken with the fact that I gave him any attention asked me to please come back and pray for him again tomorrow.  The old man came over to us when he saw us praying for Hector and asked for prayer for his pain. The young girls in the restaurant side of the gas station were mesmerized by us praying in public.
_Today we spent about 300 dollars for food and gifts for about  80-100 children who live in the hills on the other side of the dump in the city of Dario.  We are preparing sandwiches, cookies, candy, a pinata and toys and gifts  in addition to having a service where we pray for them, they pray for each other, we worship together.  It will be a time of great fun, but more importantly joy.  The spiritual ministry is always the focus even though we will be blessing them physically.  We expect healing and salvations. They will be doing prophetic art and will experience a release of destiny. I am just so blessed and proud to be a part of those who they themselves are poor, but understand this kingdom principle of giving, serving and loving those who are even more destitute.
_ This evening my wife Lesley again will be doing a seminar in art for healing, but this time specifically for women and speaking to their honor and ministering spiritual healing.

I will check in later

blessings  Mike

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday update

Lots to share, but limited time, so some highlights of our ministry trip through Saturday:

*Friday afternoon as we were waiting for a ride to Pan de Vida church (bread of life) we had a conversation with the preacher from the TBN show that day,  his name was Benjamin Morales and he gave Lesley some great advice about being herself, but getting fired up Latino style also.
*Friday evening prophetic art with a church filled wall to wall with women-  Most of which never touched paint before in their lives.  They really received and participated. There were impartations and the seeds of a new ministry taking form.  Just another way for God to speak and heal.  Selah
*Dinner at Rostipollos
*Breakfast with Guillermo Osorno and a prophetess from El Salvador named Marina.  Sr. Osorno preached dominion and authority to us at breakfast and we were riveted, because of his authority.  He operates on a higher plane of kingdom authority than most realize is possible, but the seeds of which were planted in me today.  He is a businessman, Evangelist, and member of parliament besides owning the T.V. station.  He affects change for the kingdom and his nation in all these areas of his control.  Very inspiring and he wants to do some seafood business with me, so we are going to check out the port area and discuss on Monday
*Visited the largest church in Managua, based on David Paul Yonghi Cho cell model.  The Tabernacle of Faith has 500 cells and 3 leaders meeting every Saturday with hundreds attending.  Over 7000 members who attend the 2500 seat building in 3 different services on Sunday based on Geography.  Pastor Francisco met with Daniel Ortega last night and is organizing a million people event for Luis Palau this next week.
* On our way to Matagalpa to a church pastored by a woman prophet to do more art healing ministry

ciao  Mike

Friday, September 24, 2010

A hurricane is coming to Nicaragua, literally and figuratively

The school of the Holy Spirit is in session in Nicaragua, its fast paced and always changing like the wind.  You can sense what he and his angels are doing, you can hear the Spirit blow through the trees and see his effect after he has passed through and our desire is to put out our arms like a plane and catch that wind and flow with him.  Many times things that are happening in the natural signify what is taking place in the Spiritual realm.  As we heard the radio announce that a hurricane was coming through in the next 48 hours, the Lord reminded me what a hurricane is> its the most powerful combination of wind and rain.  In other words it is REVIVAL!  Not everyone wants it, because it messes things up and yanks things out that aren't planted deep.  The people that I have spent time with here in Nicaragua are ready for hurricanes and I am so impressed  at their ability to make adjustments to what the wind leaves them with.  My wife Lesely and I are here to be a blessing and minister healing, and blessing  in whatever way we can and here are just a few things that we have done in the last 48 hours.
* Wed. morning,  we prepared the food and candy and gifts for the approximately 100 children who ran up the hill after us shouting and screaming for joy because they knew the Christians were coming to sing and pray and healing, and pinata, and give gifts and  food.  They were so precious photos to come.
* Wed. evening, Lesley shared a powerful testimony and because of her vulnerability, it allowed the women's group of king of kings church to be vulnerable and share from their heart what they needed from the Lord.  Then the most powerful ministry took place with Lesley, Leah, Heylin and Claribell ministering prophetically and rebuking depression, suicide, cancer, arthritis, and fear.  Lifting up broken families etc.  We prayed for them one by one and the Lord was there to give pictures and visions and words of encouragement for every one.
*Thursday morning, drove to Managua, checked into our gracious host's there, the Osorno family who own the TBN station in MAnagua.  We had lunch at pizza hut with several pastors and evangelists that Pastor Harry knew.  Amazing to hear of their exploits and what God is doing all over Central America.
*Thursday evening, we went to a Church pastored my a Mexican man and his american wife, David and Becky Garcia called Centro de Fe  or faith center.  There was some miscommunication with the fact that they thought Lesley was going to preach, so instead she took the women leaders aside and I preached to the congregation about the goodness of God and Angels and they responded, especially when pastor Harry came up and did the altar call.  Many powerfull manifestations and healings took place.  Words of knowledge, tears, laughter, people falling under the power of God.  Afterwards we were able to minister to the pastor and his wife in their home and have a meal with them, it was precious and powerful
* Friday morning,  we went to the TBN station and shared our heart for healing and hearing God speak through the arts.  The Nica;s really know how to worship. It was so powerfull.

* Tonight we are going to do another church with about 80 women and see what happens with Pastor Orlandos church.

Hasta luego  Mike

Saturday, September 18, 2010

X-men Wolverine anointing for healing

I was praying and meditating on Zechariah 2 this Saturday morning and then a picture came into my mind that I knew the Holy Spirit was using to speak a truth and/or promise to me and those I was praying with.  He showed me a scene from  the movie X-men where Wolverine was ascending the hill and was attacked over and over again by the enemy as he (Wolverine) was attempting to protect his people, he was confident, bold and advancing, knowing that he could not be harmed.  Because of Wolverine's special genetic makeup he healed almost as fast as he was wounded and was able to make up ground so fast that he surprised the enemy.    He ( God)  is a wall of fire around unwalled Jerusalem and a radiant presence within his people, his city Jerusalem. His Jerusalem, his people though are those that don't put up their own walls of self-protection, but instead trust in His  ( God's) presence for protection.  They don't need to put up their own walls, the walls keep them from the people they are trying to bring in to the city, those that are exiled to Babylon.  God has sent his Angels and they have a tape measure, he is sizing us up,  there is angelic activity within and without and the angels have their specific functions to assist, because God will have a city of Zion full of those that go forth in radical trust in the presence of God. Those that have experienced and are so fully confident in God's ability to heal and protect that they will advance at a record pace.  The paradox is for those who think with the natural mind. We have to leave the comfort and security and high walls of Babylon and make unwalled Jerusalem ( Zion) our home.  

Zech2:1-7 I looked up and was surprised to see a man holding a tape measure in his hand.I said, "What are you up to?"   "I'm on my way," he said, "to survey Jerusalem,    to measure its width and length."Just then the Messenger-Angel on his way out    met another angel coming in and said,"Run! Tell the Surveyor, 'Jerusalem will burst its walls— bursting with people, bursting with animalsAnd I'll be right there with her'—God's Decree—'a wall of fire around unwalled Jerusalem and a radiant presence within.'"  6-7"Up on your feet! Get out of there—and now!" God says so.    "Return from your far exile.I scattered you to the four winds." God's Decree.    "Escape from Babylon, Zion, and come home—now!"

I appreciate your prayers for my wife and I as we travel to Nicaragua to minister in all types of healing beginning tonight Monday September 20th.  We go in confidence and boldness, protected and loved.  We are those that were almost mortally wounded Spiritually speaking, but now operate in the Wolverine anointing. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Walking in Faith - living in the overflow

After teaching Financial Peace University and being a strong proponent of budgeting and fiscal responsibility, and feeling really good about it, the Holy Spirit completely updated my outlook on the principle and application of money as a tool.  A friend of mine tells me that he has never done a budget before in his life and I stare at him aghast and in shock until he explains why.  Limiting yourself to a  budget limits you to the money and resources you have the ability to create, whereas bringing before God what you want to do (without a concern for the cost )  and getting his nod of approval does not limit you to your resources, but  now with God's agreement and partnership, simply outlines your contribution to what you and he have partnered in agreement to.  I am going to Nicaragua in two weeks without having any pre-commitment of funds from anyone. My wife, Lesley  and I have determined to bless the people there, to serve them,  love them, feed them , teach them, give gifts etc. and God wants us to do it.  It is his will and the $5k that we need is mostly his to come up with.  Even though my wife hasn't worked in two months and has actually spent money creating her non-profit we are completely at peace about it having faith that it will happen, because we live in the overflow.  The overflow ( or the leftovers) is/are the baskets of loaves and fishes that remain after we are obedient to Jesus to give the few fish and loaves in our hands, and after the need of the people is met. Most of the time the overflow is more than what we started with.  Our step of faith was to buy plane tickets and then the fountain of blessing began.